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Academic Consequences and Student Rights

A first offense will be dealt with according to the consequences regarding individual acts of academic dishonesty or plagiarism detailed in each individual course syllabus; however, a first offense will be reported to the Academic Affairs Office or its designee by the faculty member.

A second reported offense will result in a semester grade of failure (F) and the student will meet with the faculty member and a representative from Student Academic Support Services.

A third offense will result in a semester grade of failure (F). In addition, the case will be brought forward by the Chief Academic Officer or its designee to a committee that consists of the following:

  • School Dean, who will chair the committee
  • Department Chair or Program Director (specific to the student’s program)
  • Instructor of the course in which plagiarism occurred
  • Two faculty members, at least one of whom is outside of the student’s program or department, appointed by the Faculty Forum Chair

The committee determines if the student will receive either a one-year suspension or a permanent suspension from the university. The student will receive a certified letter stating the committee’s decision. The decision of this committee is final and cannot be appealed.