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Request for Review of Academic Policy

Academic policies are designed to provide fairness and to maintain academic quality.

Academic policies include admission and progression standards. As a general rule, the university does not grant exceptions to academic policy for individual students.

A student or group of students may request that an academic policy be reviewed and considered for modification for future application of the policy, provided changes in the policy will benefit many students.

The following procedure must be followed for a request to review an academic policy. The Academic Grade Appeal Policy may not be used for this purpose.

  1. The student(s) should submit a letter to the Student Government Association president indicating the policy to be reviewed, requested changes, and how the change in policy will benefit multiple students.
  2. The president of the Student Government Association will appoint a chairperson and members of an ad hoc Academic Policy committee which will review the request within 15 calendar days of receiving the request. The committee will be composed of the chairman and five Student Government members. In addition, the president may appoint two or three additional students to serve on the committee who are outside of the Student Government Association.
  3. The committee will review the request and make a recommendation to the Student Government Association to proceed with the request or to indicate in writing to the student who submitted the request that the committee does not support the request. The committee shall explain the rationale for its recommendation. The committee may take 15 calendar days to do an assessment of the policy and to determine the potential outcomes for changing the policy as required.
  4. The chairperson of the Academic Policy committee will act on the Student Government’s decision within seven calendar days after receiving the decision. If the SGA determines that it will pursue a review of the academic policy, the chairperson will meet with appropriate university officials to review the policy. Should the SGA decide not to pursue the review, the chairperson will correspond with the student. If the policy is a university- wide policy, the chairperson will meet with the Chief Academic Officer. If the policy is departmental, the chairperson will meet with the Chair of the Department.
  5. The chairperson of the Academic Policy committee will communicate in writing to all involved parties concerning the outcome of the review process within 15 days of meeting with the appropriate university administrator.
  6. The administrator/Department Chair will communicate in writing to the student(s) initiating the request for review, giving the reasons for the outcome, within 15 days of the meeting with the Student Government Association chairperson of the Academic Policy committee. Since this is an internal procedure, legal counsel shall not be involved in the process.