Office of Mission Integration and Spirituality

Sister M. Anita Holzmer, OSF
260.399.7700, Ext. 6705
[email protected]
Trinity 129

OMIS seeks to assist members of the USF community in assimilating the university’s mission and Franciscan Values into every aspect of campus life. Using a variety of formats, all are invited to explore the Catholic and Franciscan traditions, so that students, faculty and staff can find points of connection with these traditions to enrich their own lives and spiritualities. Students of all faiths and persuasions have opportunities to do this through:

  • A 3-credit General Education course: THEO 140, Introduction to Franciscan Spirituality. In this course students are introduced to Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi and their relationships with God. Using Francis and Clare as a “mirror”, each student reflects on his or her own spirituality, finding points of connection to enrich their own faith journeys. The course is offered each semester.
  • An opportunity for selection to make a pilgrimage to Assisi and Rome. Students who apply and are chosen for pilgrimage immerse themselves the sacred places in and around Assisi where Saints Francis and Clare lived and worked, experiencing their profoundly felt spirits. They also visit holy sites in Rome, the heart of the Catholic Church. Fees for the pilgrimage are partially subsidized by the university, and selections are made in the spring.
  • Occasions for spiritual companioning with Sister Anita during their time at USF.

For more information about these opportunities and other possibilities, contact Sister Anita between 8:30am and 5:00pm.