Non-Resident Students

Parking is provided at all university classroom buildings for USF students. Lots and spots that are marked Staff, Faculty or Visitors are restricted to vehicles with the appropriate ID (See also Automobile/Vehicle Policies, Repeat Vehicle Owner/Driver Violations on Campus). Students can obtain a vehicle registration form from the Security Office in the University Support Services Building (USS).  Non-residential students registered by July will be sent vehicle identification stickers by mail prior to the beginning of the fall semester; students registering after that date or for the spring semester will receive their sticker when they get their USF ID card.  If no parking sticker is received by the start of the semester, please stop by the Security Office to pick one up. There is no charge for vehicle stickers.  The sticker is to be displayed when operating or parking a vehicle on university property.

University parking policies are enforced using warning and fine citations.  All fines are billed to the student to whom the sticker was issued and are payable (or an appeal filed) at the Business Office. The university reserves the right, in cases of repeated violations, refusal to display a valid ticker or for unregistered or abandoned vehicles, to have the vehicle removed from USF property at the owner’s expense. The university is not responsible for articles left in vehicles.

Residential Students

All resident student vehicles must be registered in order to receive a parking sticker and/or student ID.  Resident students can obtain a vehicle registration form on My Cougar Connection. Students should bring a completed form to the Security Office for their parking sticker.  Parking stickers are only issued through Campus Security.  (See also Automobile/Vehicle Policies, Repeat Vehicle Owner/Driver Violations on Campus).

Stickers should be placed in the rear window on the driver’s side unless heavily tinted. In that case, place the sticker in the windshield on the driver’s side.

Downtown Campus Parking

Parking is available at no charge for students and employees in the parking lot located north of the Performing Arts Center on Berry Street.  Your USF ID card is needed to enter and exit the lot.  Visitors may also park in the lot and have their ticket validated by USF personnel or pay by credit card upon exit.

Crown Point Students

All students of the university are issued numbered vehicle identification stickers to be placed in the rear window on the driver’s side to be displayed on the rearview mirror of any vehicle operated and parked on campus.

  • Parking is not allowed on lawn areas, driveways, walkways, and any marked or posted area
  • Fire lanes are to remain clear of traffic. They are for the use of emergency vehicles.
  • Handicapped spaces are reserved for those with state-issued tags or plates
  • Parking is restricted to one vehicle per marked spa

In the event you cause damage to another vehicle, please notify the owner personally or call a security officer to report the damage.  If your vehicle has been damaged or broken into, call the security office at Franciscan Point immediately to report the damage or loss (219) 662-5555. Damage reports will not be taken more than 24 hours after the event and will not be taken after the vehicle has left the scene of the accident.

The USF-CP assumes no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on university property.  Please keep your vehicle locked and remove any valuables or store them in the trunk.