Club and Organization Policies

In order to remain in good standing with the university and remain officially recognized, student clubs and organizations must abide by the following policies:

  1. Bi-annual registration through Cougar Life is required to receive the benefits of club/organization recognition, including remaining an active club or organization and annual SGA funding.
  2. The purpose, objectives and activities of the club or organization must be consistent with the objectives, mission and values of the University of Saint Francis and with all municipal, state and federal laws.
  3. The club or organization will not discriminate or harass on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sex, age, handicap, veteran status, or religion in the selection of its members or in its programs unless federal or state laws allow for such exceptions.
  4. The club or organization agrees to register and gain approval of all fundraising activities with Student Affairs consistent with the Fundraising Policy.
  5. Every voting member of the club or organization must be currently enrolled as a student at the University of Saint Francis, or in the case of campus organizations, must be a current faculty or staff member.
  6. Clubs and organizations are subject to all policies identified in the Code of Student Conduct and Community Standards as laid out in the Student Handbook.

Alleged violations of club and organization policies will be subject to the conduct process outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.

Policy Regarding Religiously Affiliated Groups

  • Authorization for such groups is dependent on services that can be offered which are beyond the scope of Campus Ministry.
  • A group’s purpose must be consistent with the university’s Catholic, Franciscan mission.
  • No group, or member of any group on behalf of the group, may encourage or participate in any activity which contravenes the mission of the university or the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • Any group that seeks to proselytize students or which in any way is disrespectful of or antagonistic to the doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church will not be approved.
  • All religious groups, Catholic or of another faith, that seek to become involved in direct evangelization, catechesis, or pastoral ministry must be approved and directly supervised by the Director of Campus Ministry for their individual programs. They are not, however, part of Campus Ministry, officially promoted by Campus Ministry (e.g., advertising or inclusion on the website), or coordinated by Campus Ministry.
  • Any religious group, Catholic or of another faith, which is not financially accountable to the university or which is served, supported, or organized by clergy or staff not directly approved by Campus Ministry, will not be approved.
  • Groups may not use USF facilities to hold “official” worship services (e.g., a Christian interdenominational Sunday Worship service or a Jewish Sabbath service on Friday evening).