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Starting a Student Club or Organization

The information provided in the Clubs & Organization section of the Student Handbook is for the general student body.  The Club Handbook provides information on processes and procedures for clubs and is provided annually to club officers and advisors.

Students, faculty and/or staff at the University of Saint Francis creating a club or organization affiliated with the university must receive official recognition from the university. Officially recognized clubs and organizations must register annually with the Office of Student Activities.

Benefits of Being a Recognized Club or Organization

  • May receive Student Government Association (SGA) annual funding and/or apply for grants in accordance with this policy and with SGA policies and procedures;
  • May hold events on campus;
  • May promote events and club meetings on campus in accordance with the Posting and Advertising Policy;
  • May take part in the Student Leadership program’s training, formation, events, fairs, and awards programs; and
  • May request approval for imprinted merchandise following the university’s Imprinted Merchandise policy.

How to Start a Club or Organization

  • A group desiring recognition will request an Application for Official Recognition for Clubs and Organizations from the Director of Student Activities. The application requires you to do the following:
    • Determine the classification of your group: club, student organization, or campus organization.
    • Construct a constitution and by-laws for your group;
    • Gather a complete listing of group officers and their contact information;
    • Arrange for a full-time faculty member or administrative staff person to serve as the advisor for your group.
  • When completed, the application, along with other requested documentation listed on the application, is submitted to the Director of Student Activities for review and recommendations.
  • The Director of Student Activities will submit the application and the constitution to the Student Government Association (SGA). A representative from the petitioning group will be asked to attend an SGA meeting to present the application and constitution.
  • The Student Government Association will vote to approve or deny the request.  If approved, the Student Body President will present the application and constitution with any recommendations to the Academic Affairs Council for action.
    • If the request was denied by SGA, the petitioner of the request must meet with the Student Body President to discuss why the application was denied.  The petitioner may then come back to SGA with changes or appeal to the Dean of Students, Associate Dean for Campus Life, and the Director of Student Activities.  These three individuals will meet with the potential club representative and decide if they wish to override SGA’s decision.  If they vote to override SGA, the club approval will go to Academic Affairs Council for consideration.
  • Academic Affairs Council will grant official club recognition, deny the request, or request additional information before making a final decision.  The Student Body President, or his/her designee, will be present at the meeting of the Academic Affairs Council to provide SGA feedback on the request.