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Most courses on the Fort Wayne campus and USF Crown Point will continue to be conducted remotely throughout the summer.

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Section 3: Violations of the Law

Alleged violations of federal, state and local laws may be investigated and addressed under the Code of Student Conduct. When an offense occurs over which the University of Saint Francis has jurisdiction, the University of Saint Francis conduct process will usually go forward notwithstanding any criminal complaint that may arise from the same incident.

In cases of Title IX allegations regarding sexual discrimination and/or sexual misconduct, the Code of Student Conduct procedures will be inclusive of Title IX accepted regulations (see Title IX)

The University of Saint Francis reserves the right to exercise its authority of interim suspension upon notification that a student is facing criminal investigation and/or complaint (see additional grounds for interim action). Interim suspensions are imposed until a hearing can be held.

Students accused of crimes may request to take a leave from the University of Saint Francis until the criminal charges are resolved. In such situations, the University of Saint Francis procedure for voluntary leaves of absence is subject to the following conditions:

  • The responding student must comply with all reasonable campus investigative efforts; and
  • The responding student must comply with all interim actions and/or restrictions imposed during the leave of absence; and
  • The responding student must agree that, in order to be reinstated to active student status, they must first be subject to, and fully cooperate with, the campus conduct process and must comply with all sanctions that are imposed.