Failure to Complete Conduct Sanctions

All students, as members of the University of Saint Francis community, are expected to comply with conduct sanctions and/or agreements generated from alternative dispute resolution within the time frame specified by the hearing officer as noted in the finding/sanction letter. Failure to follow through on conduct sanctions or alternative resolution agreements by the date specified, whether by refusal, neglect or any other reason, may result in additional sanctions and/or suspension from the University of Saint Francis. In such situations, resident students will be required to vacate University of Saint Francis housing within 24 hours of notification by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee), though this deadline may be extended upon application to, and at the discretion of, the Executive Director of Student Engagement & Residential Life and/or the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee). A suspension will only be lifted when compliance with conduct sanctions is satisfactorily achieved. This determination will be made by the Vice President for Student Affairs (or designee).