Group Violations

A student club or organization, and its officers and membership, may be held both individually and collectively responsible when violations of the Code of Student Conduct by the organization or its member(s):

  • Take place at organization-sponsored or co-sponsored events, whether sponsorship is formal or tacit;
  • Have received the consent or encouragement of the organization or of the organization’s leaders or officers; or
  • Were known or should have been known to the membership or its officer.

Hearings for student groups or organizations follow the same general student conduct procedures. In any such action, individual determinations as to responsibility will be made and sanctions may be assigned collectively and individually, and will be proportionate to the involvement of each individual and the organization. Generally, the Executive Director of Student Engagement & Residential Life (or designee) will serve as the hearing officer for club and organization violations. The Associate Vice President for Student Affairs will serve as the appeal officer for club and organization violations.