The University of Saint Francis supports the freedom to publicize activities and distribute materials by internal or external entities relating to functions on-and off-campus which benefit the University of Saint Francis community and are consistent with the value of the University of Saint Francis.  External entities are required to contact the Office of Student Affairs for permission to post; no solicitation is permitted without the express consent of the Dean of Students (or designee).

Signs, posters, chalkings, table tents, or any other promotion material not in accordance with the University of Saint Francis mission and values will be removed immediately.  A balance of free speech and community standards will be enforced by Student Affairs.  Restrictions may include, but are not limited to, materials that depict violence, obscenity, defamation of an individual or group, or activity that is incongruent with the Code of Student Conduct.

Individuals and campus clubs or organizations assume full responsibility and liability for posted material.  Individuals are responsible for ensuring that the posting policy is understood by anyone posting on behalf of the organization or individual.

General Posting Policy

Approval must be obtained prior to making use of the residence halls or campus facilities for the sale, promotion, posting or distribution of any type of material. All material must have a sponsor responsible for the material stated directly on each piece and adhere to all policies that apply.

All printed materials posted or distributed on campus by students and guests must receive approval from the Director of Student Activities (or designee). Printed materials include flyers, posters, banners, announcements and advertisements.

All postings associated with off-campus organizations, programs, or individuals must adhere to the University policies and procedures.  Postings must be approved by the Facilities and Events Manager, and may not be posted for more than 30 days.

Additional Approvals

The Director Student Activities (or designee) must approve all promotional material for any and all activities before being posted. The Office of Career Advancement must also approve announcements advertising employment opportunities for students.

Academic and Administrative office posters do not need approval through the Office of Student Activities, but should be marked with department and date, (i.e., Financial Aid Office, December 10, 2013, Do not remove until December 31, 2013).

The promoting group must obtain permission of the appropriate department to post on bulletin boards in Academic/Administrative areas for non-departmental ads.

Literature Distribution

Literature distribution must be supervised by a student member of the sponsoring registered organization. Non-students may not distribute literature on campus without specific approval of the Dean of Students (or designee).

Each sponsoring organization will be held responsible for the conduct of the distribution activity, including the behavior of any non-student participant.

On Campus: The distribution must be made only in designated areas (see approved posting locations, below).  Calling out to people to facilitate the distribution of literature is not permitted. Absolutely no printed materials may be placed on automobiles parked on University of Saint Francis property.

Off Campus: Posting or distribution of materials at an off-campus location requires permission of the proprietor.

Posting Guidelines

Masking tape, blue painters tape or tacks are suitable for posting. Persons posting are responsible for providing all materials.  A reasonable amount of posted material is permissible.

Materials may remain posted for a maximum of 30 days or until the day after the announced event, whichever is sooner, and the sponsoring group is responsible for removal. Groups may be fined if materials are not removed the day after an event.

Approved Posting Locations

  • Academic Buildings: Bulletin boards located in Achatz, Doermer, Pope John Paul II Center, North Campus, Rolland
  • Administrative Buildings: Bulletin boards in Trinity Hall.
  • Center for Franciscan Life: Bulletin boards in the Center for Franciscan Life
  • Library: Designated areas in the Vann Library.
  • Residence Halls: Provide posting materials to the Office of Residence Life; the Residence Life staff will distribute these materials once they have been approved (the Director of Residence Life may provide permission for the club/org to disseminate directly).
  • Sidewalks: Chalking is acceptable no more than two days before an event; messages must be removed no later than 24 hours after the event
  • Cougar Den: Designated bulletin board

Additional Guidelines for Posting

  • In addition to flyers, posters and banners, the following methods for advertising are acceptable on campus:
    • Bulletin Boards and Strips
    • SGA Monthly Stall Calendars
    • AXIS-TV
    • Real Estate Signs
    • Plastic Table Toppers
  • All exist signs and doors must remain visible and clear
  • All campus-related advertisements must bear the name of the sponsoring club/organization

Table Tents

Table tents may be used in campus dining facilities according to these guidelines:

  • Table tents may be placed on dining tables in Trinity Dining Hall, CyberFresh Cafe, and Subway
    • For a maximum of one week
    • No more than two table tents are permitted on each table.  One table tent is reserved for SGA or SAC
  • Sponsoring organizations will place table tents and remove them
  • Reservations for table tents must be secured through the Office of Student Affairs.


Chalking is permitted on campus according to these guidelines:

  • Organizations may chalk most university pedestrian walkways
  • Chalking is not allowed on buildings, artwork, bridges, or under overhangs
  • Liquid chalk and/or paint is not permitted
  • Chalk should be removed within 48 hours of the advertised event.

Social Media

Please see the Social Media Guidelines for usage in the Student Handbook.

Posting Violations

  • Posting materials without proper approval(s).
  • Posting materials on brick pillars or light stands.
  • Posters with reference to alcohol.
  • Use of two-sided, electrical or duct tape.
  • Covering another announcement or impairing an individual’s line of sight.
  • Posting on glass doors or windows, painted or varnished surface
  • Distribution on cars parked on campus.

Failure to adhere to this policy may result in losing the privilege to distribute or post printed materials on campus for a period of time to be specified by the Director of Student Activities (or designee).