Automobile/Vehicle Policies

All students must register their vehicles (or indicate that they do not have one) and will be issued a window sticker from Campus Security.

The following restrictions apply to operating a vehicle on campus:

  1. The campus speed limit is 13 mph.
  2. Resident students are to use the parking lots provided for their specific residence hall.
  3. Students are not to use areas posted for staff, faculty or visitors.
  4. Parking is not allowed on lawn areas, driveways, walkways, or any marked or posted areas such as fire lanes, handicapped spaces and delivery areas.
  5. Driving is not allowed on the causeway and posted service drive.  Use of the service drive is restricted by a remote control activated gate. The remote gate openers are assigned to service vehicles only. No other exceptions will be made.
  6. Parking is restricted to one vehicle per marked space.
  7. Violation of any of these regulations can result in the issuance of a warning ticket or a fine. Fines are to be paid, or an appeal filed, within seven days at the Business Office.
  8. Refusal to pay outstanding fines, repeated offenses, refusal to display a vehicle ID tag or sticker, or parking in posted tow areas can result in the vehicle being removed from campus.
  9. The university reserves the right to open and inspect any vehicle on campus property.

In the event that a vehicle is towed, the owner is responsible for all towing, any incidental damage, and any storage fees.

In the event of an accident, or if you cause damage to another automobile, please notify the owner personally, in writing, or call Security to report the damage. If damage has been done to your  vehicle or if it has been broken into, call Security immediately (399-7888). Damage reports will not be taken after a vehicle has been moved from university property.

The University of Saint Francis assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time it is operated or parked on its property. Please keep vehicles locked and remove any valuables.  In the event that a vehicle is towed, the owner is responsible for all towing, any incidental damage, and any storage fees.

Motorist Assistance

The Security Department will provide jump starts for batteries. In the event of low tire pressure, call Security. They will contact Maintenance personnel during business hours to provide compressed air.  Security will provide this service after hours.  Unlocking vehicles, providing gas, changing tires, or towing vehicles is not provided as a university service.  Security can assist in finding this type of service.

Repeat Vehicle Owner/Driver Violations on Campus

In the event of multiple vehicle violations, the following policy will go into effect:

Four Violations* – per academic year

  • The vehicle owner/driver will be referred to the university judicial officer. The judicial officer will meet with the student and discuss the frequency of tickets and personal responsibilities within the campus community. A written warning is given, and the student is referred to the Student Handbook on the action to be taken on a 5th violation. Documentation related to the fourth violation and any subsequent violations will be kept in the Security Office and the Office of Student Affairs.

Five Violations* – per academic year

  • Campus Security gives the vehicle owner/driver a tow warning and notification that a campus incident report has been generated as the result of the 5th violation.  The campus incident report will initiate a judicial system investigation (included with the incident report is a listing of the dates of each violation). At the completion of the investigation, the individual will be notified of the investigation findings, any disciplinary action that was taken and that any subsequent violations will result in the vehicle being towed.

Unidentified owner*

The vehicle will be towed.  If the vehicle owner/driver cannot be identified:

  • At the 4th *violation a tow warning will be issued by Campus Security.
  • At the 5th *violation the vehicle will be towed – when the vehicle is towed, the owner/driver will be identified and a campus incident report will be generated.
  • The incident report will generate an investigation by the university judicial system.Note: Ticket charges are added to the student’s account in the Business Office.