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Most courses on the Fort Wayne campus and USF Crown Point will continue to be conducted remotely throughout the summer.

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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Rooted in the Catholic and Franciscan traditions of Faith and Reason, the University of Saint Francis engages a diverse community in learning, leadership and service.


The University of Saint Francis seeks in the accomplishment of its mission to acknowledge and uphold these values:

  • Reverence the unique dignity of each person.
  • Encourage a trustful, prayerful community of learners.
  • Serve one another, society, and the Church.
  • Foster peace and justice.
  • Respect creation.


A university flourishes in an atmosphere where individuals in the community achieve their full potential and offer their unique contribution to the community. This type of environment is promoted in the University of Saint Francis’ commitment to diversity.

The University Diversity Mission Statement is:

“As a reflection of the Franciscan value of respecting the unique dignity of each person, the University of Saint Francis will develop and cultivate learning and a work environment that embraces diversity. We will value and respect all members of our campus community and encourage them to contribute their unique talents, skills and abilities to our university, the community and the world.”

Diversity at the University of Saint Francis is an ongoing process that focuses on recognizing and valuing differences to create a comprehensive learning and work environment. The university community will accomplish this through personal reflection, dialogue and in programs and activities to help understand and celebrate our diverse community.

Sacred Time

The University of Saint Francis “encourage[s] a trustful, prayerful community of learners”[1] who “[integrate] faith with life.”[2] As a Catholic, Franciscan university, this necessitates providing “opportunities to practice the faith through participation in Mass, the sacraments, [and] religious devotions.”[3] In recognizing “the Eucharist as the most perfect act of community worship,”[4] the university provides Sacred Time to ensure that both student and employee participation is practically feasible, given scheduling limitations and available resources. [5]

Sacred Time occurs between 11:30 am and noon on weekdays and between 7:30 pm and 8:30​ pm on Sundays, when Mass is celebrated in the St. Francis Chapel at the Main Campus. During Sacred Time, regardless of participation, no on-campus university-sponsored activities are scheduled for or by students or employees. This includes but is not limited to classes, labs, meetings with academic advisors or other personnel, co-curricular activities (including athletic practices), and student leadership responsibilities. Although University offices do not close during Sacred Time, departments should refrain from scheduling meetings and events during this period of time. Students who choose not to participate in Mass are encouraged to use Sacred Time for personal or communal spiritual practices.

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