Residential Community Standards

Any community, including ours, must develop community standards, which serve as a guideline for fostering a healthy living environment. The policies located in the Code of Student Conduct apply to all students.  In addition, residential students will adhere to the following policies and procedures in an effort to positively contribute to the community. All USF residential students will be expected to:

  • Recognize and respect the educational mission of USF and the need for students to maintain a climate that supports this mission in the residence halls.
  • Uphold the Franciscan Values.
  • Respect the physical and emotional rights of all other residents.
  • Properly care for the residence hall facilities.
  • Recognize that academic and personal development are the primary reasons for residing in this community.
  • Accept responsibility for one’s own behavior at all times.

Breaches of Community Standards

In cases of alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct, Community Standards, or Residential Community Standards and/or other university policies, university officials will implement the student conduct process as identified in the Code of Student Conduct.  The conduct process includes educational conduct meetings to investigate responsibility and, when necessary, to administer sanctions in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct and Community Standards.  Appeals must follow the Appeals Procedures outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.