Alcohol Policy

The USF Alcohol Policy identifies that individuals living within Padua Hall, who are of legal drinking age, may possess moderate amounts of alcohol for personal consumption inside their personal room or within the apartment. Consistent with safe hosting practices, the University has the expectation that students hosting others of legal drinking age will make available to guests non-alcoholic beverages and food items.  Students who are of legal age and who wish to possess and consume alcoholic beverages within their room are required to meet the following conditions:

  • Individuals who are 21 years of age or older are to complete an educational training program regarding safe and legal possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Once complete, students will be given a permit that must be displaced on the outside of the permitted student’s bedroom door for the duration of the academic year. Each student in the apartment who wishes to possess alcohol in the building must complete the training and display their own permit.  NOTE: Permits will be revoked if the alcohol policy is violated.
  • Students must be in compliance with all policies listed for Individuals 21 Years and Older.
  • The total amount of alcohol in a student’s room or apartment may not exceed the the total amount permitted for each resident age 21 or older who has a displayed alcohol permit. All alcohol must be stored in an enclosed area.
  • Students who are of legal drinking age must store all alcohol within the confines of his or her private room.
  • A gathering of students where alcohol is present and being consumed cannot consist of more than double the occupancy of that specific room or apartment (including the residents of that area); only those who are 21 or older may consume or be in possession of alcohol.  The amount of alcohol allowable is based solely on the number of residents who live in that room or apartment who have a permit.
  • ALL guests and residents must possess legal State IDs specifying proof of age 21 or older if they are in possession and/or consuming alcohol. No guest or resident under 21 years of age is permitted to be in possession and/or consume alcohol.


Social Hosting:

The residents in whose room or apartment alcohol is being consumed are responsible for the behavior of their guests and may be held accountable for any policy violations.  Guests themselves will also be held accountable for any policy violations.

It is the responsibility of the hosting residents to verify the age of any person consuming an alcoholic beverage and ensure that minors do not consume alcohol.  Hosting residents are also responsible for ensuring that guests do not leave the room or apartment with an open container of alcohol and that guests do not become intoxicated and/or disorderly.  Guests are also responsible and held accountable for these same behaviors.

Students found responsible for violating hosting policies may be subject to sanctions above and beyond those outlined in the Code of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

A gathering of students may be disbursed at any time when University officials determine the gathering represents  a threat to the health and/or safety of the community, is a disruption to the community, or is in violation of any University policies.