Computer Room Policy and Procedures

Computers are provided in Bonzel and Clare Halls. The computer rooms will be available for residents on a 24-hour basis as long as the privilege of using them is not abused. The following procedures must be observed:

  1. Residents must log off the computer after use.
  2. Resident students have priority over non-residents in using residence hall computers.
  3. Students should immediately report any problems with the computer to the appropriate residential hall staff.
  4. Students needing the computer for academic use will be given priority over students who are checking e-mail or playing games.
  5. It is a violation of university policy to transmit images that could be deemed offensive to others; for example, pornographic websites (see Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy)
  6. In the event that a student is causing problems or difficulties, the Resident Director will be informed.

Anyone abusing these policies will be subject to losing the privilege of using the common area computers.