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All classes and labs on the Fort Wayne campus and the USF Crown Point site will continue in an online format through the spring semester.

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Consolidation Policy

A student whose roommate does not check-in at the start of the semester, or leaves prior to the end of the semester, may be required to participate in a consolidation process to maximize the utilization of residence hall space. A student involved in the consolidation process may:

  1. Retain the room and pay additional costs to keep the room private;
  2. Retain the room accommodation with a new roommate of his/her choice; or
  3. Be assigned to another room or have a person assigned to live in the room with them by the Office of Residential Life and Housing

Residents will be asked to choose a roommate before the end of the third week in each semester.

Decisions made by students in writing are final for the remainder of the semester.