Fire Safety Procedures

The university takes a number of precautions to prevent fire in the residence halls. Fire drills are held regularly and participation in all fire drills is mandatory. Fire extinguishers are placed on each floor and are inspected monthly by authorized safety personnel. The use of electrical appliances is regulated.

In the case of a fire:

  • Call 9-911 and Security at 7888. Be sure to report both the building name and the address of the university.
  • Activate a pull station to sound the alarm.
  • Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors.
  • If the fire is small enough to use an extinguisher, do so. If you have any doubt about using an extinguisher, leave the building immediately.
  • Resident Directors and Resident Assistants will direct the evacuation by making sure everyone proceeds in an orderly manner and all doors are pulled shut as people leave.

The inappropriate use or tampering of any fire safety equipment (including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, etc.) will not be tolerated.  Such incidents place the entire residential community at risk.  As such, incidents will result in the student conduct process.

When hearing a fire alarm in the residence hall:

  1. Leave the building. Never ignore an alarm.
  2. If you are in your room, feel the door. If it is hot, do not open it.
    • Seal the crack at the bottom of the door;
    • Signal rescuers from the window or try to telephone for help;
    • Do not jump.
  3. If you can leave your room:
    • Take your key;
    • Close the door when you leave;
    • Proceed to the nearest exit;
    • If you encounter heavy smoke, turn around and go to another exit.
  4. Once outside, move away from entrance ways and off of driveway
    • Bonzel Hall – Wait in parking lot close to the Cougar Den.
    • Padua Hall – Wait in the lawn area across the driveway and east of Padua Hall near Trinity Hall.
    • Clare Hall – Wait in the parking lot close to the Cougar Den.
  5. If you suspect the alarm is false, you must still exit the building.