Individual rooms are reserved for the use of the student(s) who are assigned to that room for the academic year. A guest is defined as an individual who does not reside in the campus residence hall that they are visiting.

Overnight guests must be of the same gender of the host(s) and must be registered with the Resident Director. Overnight guest registration may be made by phone or e-mail but must include the following information: host’s name, guest’s name, address, phone number, emergency contact information, and dates the guest will be staying overnight. Overnight guests are limited to no more than two successive overnight periods within a two-week period and hosts may have no more than two guests per night.

GUESTS  ARE  THE  RESPONSIBILITY  OF  THE  HOST  STUDENT. The  host  student  is responsible for the behavior and integrity of the guest who is subject to all university regulations and policies. The university reserves the right to deny access to any guest if it is reasonably determined that a guest has disturbed or is likely to disturb the campus environment. If a guest violates the Code of Student Conduct or Community Standards, the host will be subject to the conduct process.  In cases where the guest is also a University of Saint Francis student, he/she will also be subject to the conduct process.

Please remember that the preferences of  your roommate(s) regarding guests must be taken into consideration before hosting a guest.