Prohibited Items in Residence Halls

The following items are prohibited in the residence halls and will be confiscated immediately by Campus Security or a Residential Life staff member:


With the exception of aquatic animals such as fish, pets are prohibited in the residence halls. Students found with a pet in university housing will automatically be given notice that they have 24 hours to remove the pet. Pets may be turned over to the Animal Shelter if a student fails to comply.

Aerial Antennas, Masts, Satellite Dishes, and Other Shortwave Radio Transmitting Equipment

Residents should use only indoor (di-pole, “rabbit-ears,” etc.) for television and stereos to avoid FCC interference regulations and safety precautions.

Electrical Appliances

Air conditioners, microwave ovens, room heaters, or any other such high-wattage appliances are strictly prohibited. Refrigerators are to be small personal units, approximately 100 watts. (See Kitchenettes)

Candles, Candle Warmers, Oil Lamps, Incense, Kerosene Heaters, Charcoal or Gas Grills, Halogen Lamps, and Other Open-Flamed Items

These items are prohibited in light of fire safety regulations.

Firearms, Fireworks and any Dangerous Chemical or Explosive Material

Because of the obvious danger to self and others, all firearms and other incendiary devices are prohibited on campus.  Violations may result in suspension from the university.

Knives, Swords, Brandished Weapons

Any item brandished in a manner designed to cause harm or threaten another individual will not be tolerated. Further, knives over four inches in length, not purposely used for eating, are not permitted in the residence halls. Also, any decoration with a blade (i.e. sword, machete, saws) is not permitted within the residence halls.

Alcohol & Other Drug Paraphernalia

Consistent with the Alcohol and Other Drug policies listed in the Code of Student Conduct and Community Standards, possession of alcohol or drug paraphernalia is not permitted on campus, unless specified in the Alcohol Policy and Drug Policy.

Lofts and All Other Construction

For the safety and welfare of all students, the construction of lofts or other space-saving wooden structures is prohibited. Any special needs associated with construction within the residence hall can be discussed with the Resident Director.