Uniformed Security officers are on duty on campus 24 hours every day. Patrols include the areas around the residence halls and parking lots. SECURITY OFFICERS CAN BE REACHED AT ANY TIME AT 399-7888 OR BY USING ANY ONE OF THE EMERGENCY PHONES.

A key component in personal safety and security is the individual taking responsibility for his or her person and property. Some standard recommendations are:

  • Keeping your room locked at all times. This includes while sleeping, away or even in another part of your residence hall.
  • Not lending your keys to anyone or leaving them or other valuables lying around your room in plain view.
  • If you lose your ID or keys, report it to Security immediately.
  • Doors, especially exterior doors, are not to be propped open.
  • Use discretion in what information you post on your door and the Internet. Leaving information such as “gone for the weekend” can also be used by a potential thief.
  • Lock your car and take valuables with you or secure them where they cannot be seen.
  • Call Security or report to a member of the Residential Life & Housing staff any suspicious persons you see on campus.
  • Always walk with a companion after dark, using lighted walkway.  If no one is available, call Security at 399-7888 and ask for an escort.

There are direct dial emergency phones located at the entrances to Achatz Hall, Doermer Center, Rolland Art Center, Hutzell Athletic Center, on the walkway to Rolland, and the Security office. In addition, there are emergency phones at the entrances to Bonzel Hall, Clare Hall, Padua Hall, having one-button dial to Security.