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Most courses on the Fort Wayne campus and USF Crown Point will continue to be conducted remotely throughout the summer.

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Security monitors the weather station for alerts of tornado watches or warnings. In the event an actual sighting is reported by the National Weather Service, the officer on duty will notify the Residential Life & Housing staff. If a tornado is imminent, follow these tornado safety procedures:

Bonzel Hall residents: To avoid flying glass and debris, leave your room, stay in the hallway, go to the restrooms, or if you have time, proceed to the basement and stay in the TV room or hallway. DO NOT STAY IN THE LOBBY AREAS.

Clare Hall residents: Because of the danger of flying glass and debris, take shelter in the hallways or restrooms. If you have time, go to the first floor. DO NOT STAY IN THE LOUNGE.

Padua Hall residents: Because of the danger of flying glass and debris, close all bedroom doors and take shelter in one of the central areas—bathroom, kitchen or hall. In all cases, the best refuge is in the lowest level of a building. If that is not a possibility, go to the interior of the apartment you are in. Stay away from windows and exterior walls.

If you are outside when a tornado approaches and cannot get to a building, a low spot or a ditch is the best alternative. Do not take shelter under trees.

When the danger has passed, Security will notify the appropriate Residential Life staff that it is safe to return to your room.  Due to the safety issues involved, failure to comply with Residential Life or Security staff during a tornado warning may be grounds for disciplinary action.