Required Housing Policy

The university requires that all full-time undergraduate students reside on campus for two academic years, with the exception of any of the following conditions:

  • You are 21 years of age prior to the start of the academic year in which you are enrolling
  • You live with a parent or legal guardian at their primary residence within a 50-mile radius of the USF; Owning or purchasing real estate within the 50-mile radius of USF does not qualify
  • You are a transfer student who has completed two academic years at another institution
  • You are married (supporting documents required)
  • You have dependent children living with you (supporting documents required)
  • You are independent by tax definition (supporting documents required)

All students who are required to live on campus will be charged the standard double occupancy Room and Board rate.

Students who are required to live on campus and do not follow University of Saint Francis guidelines, falsify information, or do not comply with University policy are not eligible for University of Saint Francis financial aid including academic and athletic scholarships.

The University of Saint Francis guarantees housing for 4 years for entering freshmen and 2-3 years for transfer students.

*It is recommended that single, undergraduate students who live with their parents in a driving radius less than 50 miles from the University of Saint Francis live in campus housing. The driving distance is confirmed using Google maps to determine whether the parent/guardian’s home is within the 50 mile driving radius.

This policy does not apply to students taking classes at Crown Point.